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Moving Services Everything
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Local Moves

With agents in nearly every major metro area, we
are proud to provide moving services to local
residents and businesses.

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We are federally licensed to provide
long-distance, interstate moving services to
households and businesses moving cross country.

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We maintain an international network of movers
to provide safe transport of household and
commercial goods to any corner of the globe.

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Climate Storage

We can arrange to transport your vehicle to your
new home or anywhere nationwide on our
dependable fleet of car carriers.

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WHAT DO WE DO TO MOVE YOU? Moving is a time-consuming process which typically needs to adhere to a time-sensitive schedule. You may be unsure of what your moving needs are, or will be, until your actual move date. But with United Nationwide Moving & Storage we will eliminate your fears and concerns.

We begin with a consultation.  We will consult with you via phone, e-mail or in person and help you identify and uncover your priorities. Once we have established your requirements, we assess and advise you of the services available and that are required to facilitate your job. We will discuss everything with you from proper packing and insurance to transporting your pets and vehicles.

An inventory of your items or boxes will be taken. A copy of your inventory will be given to you for review and approval. Upon approval, we will proceed with loading your items or boxes.

Keep your copy of the inventory on hand. Once the truck arrives at your new location your inventory copy will now be used as your personal checklist. As each item or box is removed from the truck and carried to your new home, you will cross reference the item to your inventory list and check it off as it is received. Make note of any discrepancies between the actual item being received and your inventory list.

Of course, all efforts will be made to eliminate or minimize damages to your items. Unfortunately, however, it is not an unrealistic possibility. Therefore, any boxes or items that appear damaged, open and/or inspect in the presence of the driver. If your items are not in the condition in which they left the originating location, note the damage on the inventory sheet before you sign it.


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Corporate Relocations


United Nationwide Moving will partner and consult with your company’s HR department to ensure the relocation process meets your company’s requirements.

Whether you are a small office, a commercial company or corporation, we guarantee the same level of professional service and commitment for all company sizes.

Great efforts are made to advise your company of the services available and required for your move. We will assess your relocation and advise you of proper packing and crates to transport office equipment and furniture, packing materials required, and additional service fees and transportation of corporate vehicles.

Statistically, companies will spend more money on employee relocations than is actually required. This is due to rate differences between moving companies where the costs can vary from 15% to 50% from one moving company to the next.

As the Office Manager or Human Resources Director who is responsible for employee relocation, selecting a moving company that provides excellent service and meets your allocated budget can be an arduous and time-consuming responsibility. United Nationwide Moving & Storage offers premiere service at cost effective rate



Moving Services

Local Moving
Local Moving in New York City requires a skill set and experience you don’t achieve overnight. All of our drivers know the 5 boroughs and beyond. We have a database of building requirements, so we may know what your building insists on before you do. Whether it’s a fifth-floor walk-up or the most exclusive residences in the City, we’ve been there before, and can probably give you a reference.

Long-Distance Moving
 When we move over long distances, we never sell or freight forward the job, we handle it ourselves from start to finish. And we deliver fast. Typically the crew that packs and loads the truck get going the same day if that’s your preference. Also, we have found that continuity is the key to success over long distances, so we keep the same crew throughout your move. We go to Washington D.C. and Boston weekly, and Chicago and Florida bi-monthly. Please call us for a great rate for packing, moving, unloading, whatever you need.

Packing & Unpacking
Our packing service is at the top of the industry. We have packed tea sets given by the Queen herself. We’ve packed and moved chandeliers, Grandfather Clocks, and Grand Pianos. We would be happy to discuss your packing needs, whether or not they are in conjunction with a move.

If you are ‘between places’ due to closing dates, renovations, or long-term travel, we can provide a storage solution that works for your budget as well as your belongings. Call a United Nationwide representative today to assist you with a plan that will alleviate the headaches of entrusting your goods on a temporary basis.

United Nationwide is a green moving company, but we still carry a complete set of moving supplies of all kinds should you need them.


Storage offers more than providing space… it provides security. 

United Nationwide Moving offers several storage options. Low rates and 100% service guarantees your satisfaction and security of your valuables.

Whether you decide to store seasonal clothing, your entire home or office, or just a portion of it… you can rest assured knowing that your items are safely secured in our facilities.

And if you find that you have stored your favorite pair of shoes or an important client file, that you need immediately, you can come and get it at any time. It’s your property, not ours, and our staff is here to help and serve you.

Here are some of the services United Nationwide Moving offers

Over 3 million square feet of state-of-the-art facilities that provide storage security to more than 20,000 customers annually. 

Convenient locations in Manhattan, Queens, and New Jersey. 

A variety of storage options such as:
  • Mini-Storage
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Document Storage
  • Wine Storage
  • Art Storage
  • Secure, clean, well-lit,
    temperature controlled facilities.
  • Free parking
  • Free round-trip car service
    on your first visit.

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